Editor’s Note: On Monday, July 3rd through Friday, July 7th, the boys were out on expeditions. The daily logs for all 12 expeditions will be included in the Pasquaney Annual that each boy receives at the end of the camp season. 

Friday, July 7th — The Plymouth expeditions arrived at camp before everyone else. They had packed and left as soon as they could! At 10:00 A.M., Favor Farm arrived to a nearly empty camp and set up tents to air out on Tree Talk Ridge. For those back earlier than others, they had Soak and ate a quiet lunch. Next up after a short rest: the annual Camp Mayhew vs. Pasquaney Ballgame! It was a victory for the Pasquaney boys but a fun competition all around. After the game, everybody had some long and relaxing free time to wind down while the rest of the expeditions arrived. Then we all had a much-needed pizza dinner. For campfire we listened to a reading by Mr. Vinnie called “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” It was a wonderful reading on Dana Porch. After mines, prayers, and Taps the day was done. All the boys went to bed happily as they knew their long trips were over.