Today, all the expeditions returned to the hillside. Everyone was relieved that we could organize our belongings after the week in the forest, take showers, and clean ourselves. Some of the expedition groups had delays on their way back to Camp; the Balfaces Expeditions were slowed by a telephone wire that fell on the road, and there was a miscommunication about the Pemi pickup location. Luckily, all the buses still returned in time for dinner. Thankfully, the Baldfaces got back in time for the Mayhew baseball game on Hobbs, which got cut short due to thunder part way through when the score was a 1-1 draw. As everyone returned, we were happy that the showers were warm, and the letter boxes were crowded with people excited to hear from family and friends. We had a reading for campfire, where Mr. Michael told the camp classic “Ole’s First Touchdown.” The campers slept well in their bunks for the first time in a week and all in all, it was a great returning day.

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