Friday July 8th Today we all returned from expeditions in the mid afternoon, save Kilkenny, Mahoosuc, and Kinsman, whose bus ride lasted six hours! Once we got back to the hillside we set up our tents on Tree Talk Ridge to air them out, cleaned up our group cooking gear, and returned all group gear to Baird Hall. After finishing the unpacking, we headed down to the waterfront to enjoy a long-awaited shower. Our first meal together again in Memorial Hall after the week in the woods was a special one. The Saini family generously donated juicy steaks and scrumptious berry pies, much to the delight of campers and counsellors alike. Potatoes, salad, and corn on the cob accompanied the main event, prepared by chef Gary. After dinner, Mr. Vinnie read the short story, By the Waters of Babylon, which is among the consensus camp favorites each year. After the story, it was off to bed with a newfound appreciation for the comfort of our bunks following the week in tents.