As the campers arrived back to the land of the white birch, the joy on the hillside was rejuvenated. The Baldface Expeditions were the first to arrive back to camp at 11am. After returning their expedition gear to Baird Hall, they were greeted with a lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and Tub. The cycle of expeditions returning and putting gear away continued throughout the day. The highlight of activities for the afternoon was a Mountain League Game between Baldface Expeditions. A legendary moment took place when 12 year old Bryan Young struck out counselor Chase Carmody. After all expeditions returned, we had the best Pizza Friday of the year. Mem Hall was full of expedition stories and satiated campers. Campfire was a Stephen King reading by Doug Camp on Dana Porch which engulfed the entire camper body. All in all, it was a great return to the hillside.