After Reveille and the morning routine, Pip the COD, asked us to close our eyes, join hands, and take in the moment standing around our Mem Hall tables with our friends. After breakfast and a swift duty period, Nature departed on a journey to the Sculptured Rocks, where campers swam and admired the rock formation. The shop was filled with campers finishing up a variety of projects. Baseball held different fielding games, followed by a camp favorite: soccer at 11 o’clock. Tennis only had one match, but many campers found themselves on the court participating in different fun and games. With the crew races coming up this weekend, crew held a plethora of outings, for multiple different boat groups. After Soak, campers enjoyed free time and lunch. After rest, the afternoon activity period kicked off. The highlight was the sub-junior ball game which was a close contest, but Brian Young’s team ultimately emerged victorious in a 2-0 nail-biter. During this time, older campers enjoyed tennis matches, and the entire junior league participated in the preliminary rounds of their 50-yard swims. Following the activity period, there were play rehearsals for all three plays followed by an excellent tree talk given by our very own Buckeley Huffestleter. Following a delicious dinner, campers split up for varied option. Mines and taps closed out the amazing day.