The morning featured two species: a Gold Mine Specie in Nature and a head of the lake specie in canoeing. There were also Water Sports competitions. In the afternoon there were again species. There was one in Sailing to Cliff Island on the other side of the lake and a blueberry specie to Kirk’s House. The competitions went on with a Senior semi-final ballgame between Will Davies’s and Dennis Kirby’s team, won by Will Davies (12-0), and Water Sports competitions. There was also a canoeing specie to the Bristol Gorge. A little before 6 PM, the time when we should have gone to Tree Talk ridge, a wind storm began. The Tree Talk was to be given by Wesley Sulloway about taking advantage of mistakes. The wind was so strong that a waterspout was clearly visible on the grey lake. We said it was time to go sailing. Counsellors said it was, as a matter of fact, time to go beneath our bunks, for their metal frame may shield us in case a dead tree fell on the dormitories. At 6:30 we headed towards Memorial Hall. At campfire, we had the Tree Talk in Baird Hall, followed by camper-led circles. The flagpole which was up for 62 years blew over as well as a massive tree just below Eastbourne. A great number of branches, big and small, also fell.