We woke to the bugle, the obnoxiously loud crows perched next to Stanwood, and the yelling of COIs. During breakfast, Marco Leite was elected a COI and our morning began with the Diving competition taking advantage of the flat conditions on the lake, a canoeing and fishing specie, and a busy activity period in the shop to prepare for the upcoming shop show. In the afternoon, there was the second round of the sailing regatta, a snorkeling specie, and some tennis junior and senior final matches. During dinner there was the CO-Swap, a prank pulled on the COD, where we watched Aiden and Buckley lead a gameshow in Mem Hall inviting special guests to trick Taylor, our COD. These special guests included Evan McClure and Will Harvey having a lightsaber fight with broom handles, Ethan Connett making Taylor do a 200-meter sprint on the rowing machine, and Sammy Dilley scaring Taylor from underneath a table. We then headed to Council Music Night for campfire to see Jack Anderson play the guitar along with Mr. Micheal, Aiden, Henry Anderson, and Rich DeSalvo. Henry Gilmore also rapped a song he made with campers dancing behind him. We ended the night with Mr. Micheal shredding the guitar and Jack Anderson singing “Toast.” It was an amazing night with amazing music and all in all it was a great day.

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