Monday, July 11th Yesterday, camp had a great day. After breakfast we took pictures as a camp, and we took dorm pictures. In the morning, nature kicked off the Nature Trail Competition. It was a great sailing day. The new boys were moving along on their shop projects of either boxes or pens. The tennis singles and doubles Senior tournaments started their first round of matches. For lunch, we had a fantastic meal and for dessert we had apple pie that tasted so great. However, for an unknown reason, the pies were already sliced into eighths, which gave my counsellor a tough time serving a nine person table. Doctor Gunther suggested to say less “uhs” and “ums” during announcements. For campfire we had a varied option which was fun and gave us a variety of options such as soccer and board games. All in all, it was a great day.

—Red Staunton (TMG); Jafar Sharipov, COD