Holy smokes! The blasting blares of Reveille boomed through the brusseled brush of The Grand New Hampshire Summer Camp. At breakfast, Mr. Vinnie announced that Justin Wamah, Nicky Finn, and Roan Hopkins were elected Captains of Industry at yesterday’s council meeting.  After doing our duties with due diligence, we cascaded down the hillside to their favorite activities. Anyways, onto the activities. The most significant of the morning came from the opening of the DOW (Dive of the Week) Jones Industrial Average, which was revealed to be a backflip. In other morning news, some campers took a special trip to the gold mine to mine for gold (although they came back empty handed). Other activities pursued their normal courses of action. In the afternoon, Nature took a special trip to eradicate Bittersweet, the toxic plant slowly taking over the hillside. In other areas of the hillside, Pasquaney campers hit baseballs on the venerable Hobb’s field and sailboats soared over and through the spacious waters. Campers enjoyed a variety of options for campfire and wrapped up their day in the bunks to the sound of Marco’s magnificent horn.