Monday, July 16th—Camp Pasquaney awoke to a splendid fifty-five degrees and headed down to the showers with Mr. Longo as COD. After morning inspection we headed to Memorial Hall for a breakfast of waffles and ham accompanied by some Phelps Farm maple syrup. For the first activity period of the day there was open diving, fielding instruction on Hobbs Field, scheduled matches and tennis instruction, swimming relay races, scheduled project work in the woodshop, scheduled crew, and open dry dock sailing. After Soak, there were a combination of oranges and pears on Mem Hall Porch to snack on before lunch. Then after Trustees Weekend, Glade, and Theatre Play rehearsals we headed to lunch. For lunch we had a soup consisting of rice, chicken, and carrots. Then for the main course we had grilled chicken sandwiches with some vegetables on the side. Camp then proceeded with an hour rest followed by an afternoon activity period where the highlight of the afternoon was the continuation of the West vs. Tyler baseball game. The game continued to be tied until the last inning when West’s team put together a series of hits leading to several runs scored. Also, that afternoon there was open turning in the shop, obstacle races at the waterfront, and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. After a filling dinner, campfire was Varied Option. The options were running loops, body circuits, board games, soccer, a cosmology discussion, and reading and writing. Following campfire, the day winded down with mines, prayers, and taps.