At the first tone of the bugle, the hillside awoke to a gloomy and overcast aurora. Despite the gray of the morning, Camp Pasquaney packed into the showers for a nice refresh with slightly more energy than in recent mornings. For breakfast, we had B.E.B. Bacon. Eggs. Biscuits. Thanks, Billy. 150 breakfast sandwiches later, Mr. Michael announced the election of Oliver Smith, Henry Powell, Charlie Linz, Matt O’Reilly, and Ben Wyman as COIs. The duty period followed as per usual, and the activity period began under the warm, cloud-blanketed sky. At the beginning of the activity period, the calm lake looked so glassy that, as I rowed out to the diving raft, I felt like the dinghy was hovering an inch above the surface of the water. At this point in the summer, no other morning yet could compare to the serene tranquility of the lake, and five different crew boats took their turns gliding swiftly to the head of the lake. After an uneventful soak, the 16-year-olds met for their first skit rehearsal, leaving the 15 and 14-year-olds to step up and lead the younger guys in the dorms for free time. This year, 14 16ers will write, rehearse, and perform their mini-play this Saturday. Soon thereafter, the crowd of table boys ran into the hectic kitchen, preceding the tide of forceful campers that rushed in after second blew. Billy once again served us a delicious and tasty meal, but at announcements, Mr. Micheal announced that one camper had to quasi-quarantine for a few days, due to his family member’s positive Covid test following visiting weekend. Hopefully, he will be able to de-mask and join us for indoor activities soon. During rest, I drifted off to the rain, slapping the ceiling. During the afternoon, the younger two-thirds of camp crowded down to the bathhouse for war canoe time trials. Unfortunately, only the Beavers and Chipmunks had the chance to go before a thunderstorm shut down the waterfront. Notably, while four other clubs watched from the railings of the bathhouse, the Beavers crashed into the Chipmunks amidst the torrential rain, and much later on, the Chipmunk war canoe filled with water, sank, and capsized! Luckily, a crew of counselors in dinghies rescued the flipped canoe. Rainy day activities followed in upper camp. At dinner, we had more delicious grub, followed by VO for campfire. Four different varied option activities crowded the library as the rain continued to pour, while a surprising number of campers jogged by on their evening loops. After a quick Mines, the rain lulled me to sleep nice and easy.