We woke up to a drizzly 61ºF Monday morning. We then headed over to Mem Hall for a delightful pancake breakfast with ham on the side. During announcements, Mr. Michael said that the council had elected Max Reuter and Hayden Stone as COIs. During morning activities we had the club war canoe time trials, with the Beavers and Woodchucks advancing to the final. For lunch we had delicious burritos, which seemingly everyone enjoyed. After rest we had a Senior League baseball game between Isaac Garcia Later and Wyatt Winstead’s Has It Gone Around Yet. The final score was 5-4, Isaac. For dinner we had pulled pork. For campfire we enjoyed Varied Option. There was also an overnight specie to Cliff Island. A handful of campers canoed over to enjoy s’mores, swimming, and a beautiful sunset. They would return in the morning. All and all it was a good day.