Anticipation filled the air as camp awoke to a brisk and sunny morning. Not long after, the Long Walk ceremony took place at Eastbourne, where Mr. Michael gave the history of the Long Walk, stretching back to Camp Asquam, and he then presented Archer Dansby with the P23 Long Walk flag. After we said goodbyes, many sub-juniors and juniors began a week of heavily scheduled activities. Additionally, one of the first sub-junior baseball games ended in a close finish, with Harrison Neblett’s team earning a victory. During the afternoon activity period, the day’s wind picked up heavily and a thunder storm rolled in. The orange day glo went up, signifying that all campers had to get off the water ASAP. Sailors intentionally flipped and then abandoned their boats so that they could be taken in by motorboat. We all got in quickly and safely. The day ended under a gray sky.

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