Today, after breakfast, during which Matteo Horvat was announced as a newly elected COI, camp went down to Eastbourne to watch the Long Walk departure. Despite some slight rain, the group was ready and determined for an exciting week in the woods. They did a crisp count-off, before driving to their first day of hiking in the Nancy Wilderness. At this point, the rest of camp enjoyed the rest of a calm rainy day activity period. The rain cleared off during lunch, when four tables in Mem Hall were closed because of the absence of the Long Walk. The afternoon activity period included a junior baseball game between Gideon Farr’s Homerun’s Gone’s Farthers and Robert Head, Knees and Toes’ teams, with a victory of Gideon’s team (7-3). Finally, after a multitude of alternatives for the Varied Options campfire, camp went to bed after an exciting day.