Today we woke to clear skies and began our normal morning routine. Following breakfast, we had activities, where the highlight was a senior singles tennis semifinal match. With the Trustees’ Weekend Play coming up soon, a lot of work was being done in stage crew to prepare. After activities, we had lunch and rest. Afternoon activities were highlighted by a sub-junior playoff baseball game, semifinal senior canoe tilt, and junior semifinals tennis matches. In the baseball game, Peter Davies’s Baseball Crazies defeated Bennett O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. After activities, Nicky Longo gave a tree talk on the topic of living in the moment, using a theater metaphor of treating life like a live performance rather than just a rehearsal. After dinner, campfire was a special treat, a musical performance by local cowboy music specialist and friend of camp, Skip Gorman. Skip impressed us with his great proficiency on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin, playing a wide variety of tunes including fast-paced instrumentals, humorous acapella numbers, and some old cowboy tunes written as far back as the 1890s. My favorite song was Blue Mountain. Campfire was followed by prayers and taps. It was a very entertaining night, and we all went to bed in good spirits.