Monday, July 30th—For morning activities, we had a special all-day canoeing specie on the Baker River. We also had 3rd and Senior boats prepare for this weekend’s crew races. The morning activity period was followed by Soak, lunch, and rest. Then the afternoon activity period commenced, including a Sub-Junior baseball game and several other activities around the hillside. In addition, it was great to have Dave Ryder in the shop helping some boys on their projects. After the activity period we had Soak and free time until a Tree Talk given by Matthias Campbell. Matthias talked about the topic of failure and how we can embrace it and move on from it. After supper we had Campfire, which was Varied Option. The options included “One Night Werewolf,” lacrosse on the ball field, basketball, and reading and writing. The day was concluded with Mines, Prayers, and Taps.