Today was a busy and eventful day at Camp Pasquaney. During breakfast, Teo Fremont-Smith, Sabby Gillis, and Anthony Dawson were elected Captains of Industry. There were a lot of activities to prepare for the upcoming competitions and events. In the morning activity period, there was a scheduled crew practice for a bunch of boys in preparation for the crew races this Sunday. After soak there were all three play rehearsals as the actors started to move towards dress rehearsals, and counselor Jack Reigeluth took on camper champion Ibon Trecet in a suspenseful tetherball match 1st to 3 games. Alternating left and right spinning ways, Jack came out victorious three games in a row to win the match. For lunch, we had chicken salad with fresh croissants that prepared all campers and counselors for a busy afternoon activity period. In the afternoon there was a sub-junior baseball game between Malik Foster-Thomas’s team and Harrison Neblett’s team. The final score was 4-2 Harrison‘s team, securing them the one seed in Sub-Junior League going into the playoffs. With ultimate frisbee and lacrosse on Hobbs Field for a varied-option campfire, the sun slowly crept behind the trees and ended another amazing day.

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