A brand new week awaited Camp Pasquaney with sunny skies and a crisp temperature of 55°. Many new boys swam their rafts and triangles allowing them to canoe and to head out to the diving raft. At upper camp, the shop was bustling with new projects being designed and tennis had unprecedented camper presence for fun and games. After some scrumptious shepherd’s pie for lunch and a wonderful rest period, the second activity period kicked into gear. Arena ball on Hobbs; open sailing, thanks to new-found wind; and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake, where a game of watermelon football took place, were highlights of the afternoon. After dinner, we had our first varied option for campfire. From action-filled activities like body circuits and ultimate frisbee to more mentally-stimulating games likes One-Night Werewolf, there was an abundance of options to choose from. Exhausted from such an intense day, we surrendered to our bunks.