Today we woke up and had warm waffles for breakfast after our cold showers. The new boys did their first full day of activities. The new boys got their first taste of sailing on Newfound Lake. We did trials for the play in the theatre. Some of us did our swimming, so we had to swim to the diving raft, then we did our triangles, then finally our half mile. Porter Barnes, Roan Hopkins, Augustus Hickman, and Charlie King swam their half miles. The new boys got familiarized with the activities, lake, and general structure of the day. We also had our first soak, so the entire camp enjoyed the lake together. In the afternoon there was the first choice of activities but the rain clouds slowly came. In tennis, we played king of the court, and had a variety of games in other activities. For varied option campfire, among other options, Townley had an exploration of time. We had a warm night as the temperature stayed warm till late.