We woke up to our first normal day at Pasquaney in humid air and overcast skies. The morning went smoothly with the new campers adjusting to the schedule. During breakfast it started to rain, which was much needed after the scorching weather over the weekend. It rained throughout the duty period resulting in many activities changing their plans. At soak many campers enjoyed the water. After soak, we had our first dorm skit rehearsal which is always a little crazy. During lunch the sky started to open up and after rest a bright blue sky gazed upon us. Baseball started its opening ceremony with a cannon blast that could be heard from all parts of the hillside and a mountain league game ensued. During free time before dinner, the Pasquaney Theater kicked off its summer with play tryouts which had more energy than any play tryout in the past. For dinner we had wonderful food –fried rice and teriyaki chicken. For campfire, we had a variety of activities for varied option, ending our day perfectly.