On Monday the 28th, the campers awoke to a hot morning, and the order was showers. The morning went as usual, and duties were thoroughly finished. The activity period started with a bang as we headed to our respective activities. Down at the waterfront, Cardigan and Adams had a Perch Rock specie, navigating the waters from the Bulkeley Bathhouse to a swimming rock. As we swam, we enjoyed watching the divers perform their mid-air acrobatics. After the activity period, we went to our first dorm skit rehearsal. We were excited to share our skit ideas and jokes in anticipation of Saturday night. The day went on with lunch and rest, followed by the second activity period. Throughout the afternoon, we endured high temperatures on Hobbs (the baseball field) and the tennis courts. We continued to have free time and dinner, featuring barbecue chicken sandwiches, prepared by our new chef, Randy. After evening duties and free time, we had a varied-option campfire, which was preceded by a quick thunderstorm. For varied-option, there was ping pong, a reading of “Oli’s First Touchdown,” a workout led by the three Harvey brothers, and many more options. We then had mines, prayers, and went to bed tired from a great day on the hillside.