The day began as a cloudy, cold day. Two half-mile swim tests were swum, the first two of the summer. Hobbs Field had its first Mountain League game in which the Cardigan Cardinals played the Washington Worms. The summer’s first canoe specie departed in the afternoon for the head of the lake. The new boys had a rotation in the morning to check out the ball field and the tennis courts and to swim their triangles. Several boys practiced their swan dives out on the diving raft. It was also a windy day on the lake, which gave sailors a chance to get out on the water. For Varied Option campfire after dinner there was lacrosse, broom hockey, nature, reading and writing in the library, conditioning, and basketball. At the nature center boys observed insects and a dead woodpecker. And of course, Stewart Denious (the most well-rounded counselor at camp) ran the wilderness medicine session. Furthermore, each dorm held their first skit rehearsal in preparation for Saturday night’s dorm skits.