The day got off to a great start because the camp had late reveille due to the Short Walk’s return. We had a tasty breakfast of French toast and then the morning activity period, which was highlighted by several great tennis matches and a canoeing specie to the Pemigewassett River. After lunch there was a Sub-Junior ball game between Sam Randall’s and Reugen McCahan’s team. Randall’s team won (8-0). There was also sailboat racing and swimming capture the flag among other activities. After the evening soak, the camp assembled at Memorial Hall for the Long Walk’s return and listened to their song, a remix of “Flat Bottom Girls” by Queen and “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, recounting their week in the Whites. Evening campfire was the Council Play, a camp rendition of “Holes” that was very funny. All and all, it was a great day.