Watersports are here! An extended duty period was in order as we eagerly tackled tasks to make the hillside look impeccable for the eventful day. For our guests, we took full showers at the waterfront and then proceeded to get our bunks as orderly as possible. Jafar and his inspection team ravaged the dorms one last time in full force and were content with the results. A quick and efficient lunch that lacked soup followed. By 1:30 we headed down to the waterfront and got in our positions. Despite the harsh winds our Water Sports program was successful and finished right on time, giving guests ample time to explore the hillside. The shop and all the finished projects were on display once again with some added decorations by Chip. Guests then migrated over to Tree Talk ridge where counsellors gave shortened versions of their wonderful talks. Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov was then brilliantly performed in the Glade despite the dubious weather. The smell from Mem Hall trickled its way to the glade marking that it was dinner time. Delicious BBQ chicken, corn, rolls, salad, and black raspberry sandwich creamery ice cream comprised the menu. Following dinner, the crew of the theater play acted out the Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov for our guests. Just as the play wrapped up, the bonfire was lit and camp gathered at Baird Hall for singing. After some magnificent songs, we gave a railroad for our guests and a louder one for Pasquaney. Marco then gently sent our guests away to the sound of taps. With only the camp community at Baird Hall, we watched the season’s slideshow prepared by Matt Woolverton and Jack Anderson’s 2019 video. The three final character cups were awarded after, with Mr. Teddy’s Cup going to Bennett O’Reilly and Grey Durham, the Mauran Cup going to Sam Randall and the Most Faithful Boy going to Porter Barnes. 16 year olds were then presented with their lanterns and Mr. Vinnie thanked them for their service. The fire no longer roared but murmured with its embers. We went to Dana for nightly prayer one last time and then gathered as dorms for our final Circles.