Saturday, August 11th—Today we woke up via cannon and, after we brushed our teeth and took cold showers, Water Sports Weekend began. After an extended duty period and lunch, we were off to the waterfront to begin the Water Sports performance. We had Exhibition Diving, War Canoe races, Crew Exhibitions, the Fifty-Yard Swim and more thrilling events! Afterwards, we all gave tours and headed off to upper camp and showed families around and talked about how the summer went. After the families watched the Tree Talks and Glade play, we all went to eat the classic Water Sports dinner of corn, barbeque chicken, and our beloved black raspberry ice cream from the Sandwich Creamery. Then the parents watched the Theater Play. For Campfire, we went to Baird Hall and sang songs to the guests around an enormous bonfire in the shape of the old Mines that will no longer be used as mines at the end of the year. We gave a rousing railroad to our guests and Pasquaney and then our bugler Marco Leite blew Taps. After we said good night to our parents, we gathered in Baird Hall to watch Matt Woolverton’s slideshow and Jack Anderson’s Camp video—both were absolutely fantastic. Finally, Mr. Vinnie awarded three character cups. Henry Powell won Mr. Teddy’s Cup for his cheerful leadership among the youngest age group; Porter Barnes won the Mauran Cup for his humble undertaking of dirty tasks; and Bay Harvey won Most Faithful Boy. Finally, each sixteen-year-old received his lantern to light our ways back down the hill to bed and onward beyond camp.