No better way to kick start our first Water Sports in 3 years than with our favorite breakfast meal of BLOCK eggs. With our stomachs fueled we quickly got to work for the super duty period, where grounds were policed, mines were scrubbed, and rocks were swept crystal clean. At 10 am sharp, we hustled down to tub for some serious scrubbing and back to the dorms for some serious inspection prep. Cold ham and cheese for lunch had us dreaming about the buffet dinner. After a short rest, we hustled down to put on a show for our guests and with our master MC, Rich DeSalvo, what a spectacle it was! War canoes, flips off the high dive, exhibition canoe tilts had the crowd glued to the water. Entertainment continued as guests made their way to the shop, the Gemmil Glade, and eventually the Watson Theater. As night fell on the hillside, the COVID spike ball bonfire was lit, and us campers sang proudly as the fire roared. After a deafening railroad, we wished our guests a warm farewell and made our way to Baird Hall. There we shouted out the names of the boy in each photo of the slideshow and beamed at Jack’s magnificent video of the 2022 season. Mr. Michael then proceeded to present our final 3 character cups and hand out 16 year old lanterns. With the P22 crew assembled in front of camp we gave one last heartfelt railroad for the 16 year olds. The walk to Dana for prayers felt a little melancholy as we exchanged heartfelt hugs. What an action packed Watersports Saturday!