Our last full day at camp started with French toast sticks. I must have had at least a dozen. Boy, will I miss them. We had an extra-long duty period to prepare for the closing of camp, and, after we finished our first duty, we went on to help with another until 9:45, when the activity period commenced. The morning featured 16-year-old cuts at baseball and the Theater Play rehearsal. In the afternoon, we had our final activity period. It was a windy one so there was a ton of sailing. There was also a canoeing specie to Mr. Vinnie’s Rock, which got back late because of the wind; a blueberry specie to the Phelps’ Family Farm; and the normal slate of activities, minus the shop since all the projects have been finished. The activity period concluded with the final Soak of the year with everyone going in the water and singing the camp song together.  After that we went to Tree Talk Ridge for shortened Tree Talks. We then had an early dinner so that we had time for the longest campfire of the night. Campfire started with the Theater Play, Blithe Spirit, which had some of the most incredible moments that I have ever seen in the Watson Theater. It was a comedy about ghosts and the impact of relationships both past and present. After the play, we sang camp songs by the bonfire before heading into Baird Hall for a slideshow by Matt Woolverton and a film on the summer by Jack Anderson. Then Mr. Michael handed out the character cups. Archer Dansby was awarded Mr. Teddy’s Cup, Max Reuter was awarded the Moran Cup, and Ben Davis was awarded Most Faithful Boy. After Mr. Michael handed out the lanterns to sixteen-year-old boys. They lead us down to the dorms for mines, prayers, and Taps.