Saturday, August 5th—Today came with a cool and cloudy morning. There were many trustees coming to stay for the weekend. We had an average day with a P.M. rainy day activity period. For Campfire, we watched the Trustees’ Weekend Play: A Mad Breakfast, directed by Thomas Granger. It was about a man who invites someone who wants to visit an insane asylum to his house for breakfast. The main character, Mr. Jones (Alex Horvat) tells each person at the breakfast that their visitor, Mr. Long (Bay Harvey) is someone different. These identities consisted of a prince, a movie director, a man who made a fortune on safety pins and looks like Napoleon, and more. One of the characters (John Chiosi) had the job of eating for the forty-minute duration of the play in rude and hilarious fashion. The food he ate consisted of donuts, muffins, strawberries, cheeseballs, a cream pie, and other sugary foods. I heard he did not eat dinner and had been practicing for that role three times a day for the whole summer. It was a very funny night that everyone enjoyed.