Saturday, August 6th — Today was an exciting day. The morning was a typical Saturday morning that ended with inspection preparation for the afternoon inspection. After lunch we had short rest followed by inspection, won by Dana – where Bubbles told us about the surprise we would have for Mr. Vinnie later. One of the highlights of the day was “The Boys vs. Council Ball Game” where the Council came out on top with a score of 8 to 1. The MVP for the Council was Stewart Denious with a home run and great work on the mound. Will Davies was the pitcher for the boys team and did a great job. After the game, all of the campers and counsellors lined up at the ball field to march down to the boathouse. We surprised Mr. Vinnie for his 20th year as Director of camp. The extensive ceremony was organized by Bumpson, Trustee Emeritus, and Bubbles. There was music and a special surprise, unveiled surrounded by “the Fern Bearers.” The surprise turned out to be a chair inscribed to thank Mr. Vinnie for his service. The chair was covered with a giant stuffed bunny to hide the shape under the veil. The ceremony was followed by an all-camp soak at the waterfront. Dinner was a special treat with huge amounts of steak and baked potatoes. After dinner, we were treated to the Trustees’ Weekend Play, The Actor’s Nightmare, directed by Thomas Granger, and it was great. After that were prayers and taps. It was an action-packed, great day.