Today, we had late Reveille for Trustees Weekend and an over-90 degree day. First, we had special M&M pancakes for breakfast! In the morning activity period, Will Connelly played Jean Vivier in the Junior Singles Tennis Final, and Jean won 6-3, 6-1. We had several visitors like last year’s 16-year-olds: Hayden Stone, Ben Davis, and Max Reuter along with former counselors Bay and Rob Harvey. We also got to meet some trustees. During lunch, the reigning champions, the Boys, announced their lineup for the Boys-Council Game. Mr. Michael also announced the Council roster in the form of a poem he claimed he had found in the Indian Oven. Unfortunately, the Boys and Council were only able to play one inning before the game was thundered out. To be continued. During the storm, to cool off, Wavies (Will Davies) hosted water pitcher salts on Mem Hall Porch. For campfire, we watched the Trustees Weekend Play, Face the Music, directed by Oliie Longo and Taylor West, which was spectacular. It was written by Jerry O’Reilly, a Pasquaney alum who was in the audience as the father of Matt O’Reillly, an undercover FBI agent in the play. I personally loved the way Fairfax Randall played his role of Melissa. What a great start to Trustees Weekend!