Today was a wonderful Camp Pasquaney day. The highlight of the morning was 45 campers scheduled for crew practice in anticipation of Sunday’s crew races. Each pair of boats was given a half hour to practice and prepare for their race. Another highlight was the canoeing program leading a trip to the Bristol Gorge. There the group practiced whitewater maneuvers, whitewater rescues, and swimming in whitewater. Throughout the morning was the ever looming thought of what will happen in the boys vs. council game later in the day. At lunch the four senior captains announced the boys team and Mr. Micheal read a poem outlining the council team. The game was nothing less than spectacular. Each inning the score went back and forth, but in the end it was the campers who won. The final score was 16-15 and it was the first time the boys won since 2013. Counsellors Will Davies, Taylor West, Matt Woolverton, and Rich DeSalvo pitched. For the boys, Peter Davies, a mere 14 year old, pitched the entire game, and his lethal curveball had the council on their toes. Also, Wyatt Winstead hit three home runs for the boys including one grand slam in the fourth inning. The game was a great display of Hobbs Field sportsmanship and baseball ability. After a dinner of pasta and carrots, the entire camp gathered in the Watson Theater for the Trustees Weekend Play. The play, Three Murders and It’s only Monday, was a murder mystery with Ethan Clark as the lead. It was a great performance and a great ending to an amazing day.