In the morning it felt great to sleep in since we had just returned from a long week in the woods, and everybody was so tired. Afterwards a little bit later in the day, we had a very tough upper camp and dorm inspection. Even though it was quite tough, almost every dorm improved from last weekend’s inspection. In the afternoon there was an intense baseball game between Charlie Pink’s Stop and Think and Will Davies’s Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries. Will Davies’ team came out victorious, winning the game 9-4. The highlight of the day came at campfire at Baird Hall when we had a series of expedition songs. Each group had put together a skit or song to highlight their week in the woods. One of the expeditions, Back 40, performed a skit that recounted their most eventful day – they had accidentally camped on a neighbor’s property and were promptly expelled. During the songs and skits, Mr. Denious had a large fire burning. It was impressive at first but did not last quite as long as we wished. All in all, it was a happy first day back at Camp.