We started off the Saturday of Visiting Weekend with some quick and efficient showers in 58° weather. After a great breakfast of bagels, eggs, and bacon, we focused on doing our duties very well so things would look sharp for the guests. After the morning activity period, we had inspection, followed by lunch and rest. During the second activity period, guests arrived and campers were allowed to give guests tours around camp. At 5:30, the parents headed out and campers prepared for skits for campfire. The winning skit was the Beavers with “Bears, Bears, Bears,” where Rabbit Barnes played the “Ona-bear” trying to raid the Pasquaney dumpster along with the two others: Pasquaney Bear (Charlie Ramquist) and Mowglis Bear (Hunter Harris). In second place were the Woodpeckers with “Monty Python and the Holy Crab” and in third were the Chipmunks with “I am not a Fan.” After the skits, we were a bit delayed with a 9:30 Taps.