Saturday, July 14th—Visitors Weekend! In the morning we had scheduled shop, a huge Mountain League Ball game, open diving, and stage crew in preparation for club skits. After lunch, we had a special inspection to make dorms look clean for the visitors. After a quick lunch, there was open sailing, open swimming, and more, but many kids were spending time with the parents after three weeks apart. For campfire, we had club skits, which parents were invited to watch. The Chipmunks won 1st place, the Beavers 2nd, and the Woodchucks 3rd. I was in the Beavers skit called “The Lord of the Horse Flies,” which was about the counsellors not having enough food or water to survive council camp, so they had to scavenge… The winning Chipmunks skit, “The Grand New Hampshire Summer Camp,” directed by Jack Anderson, was a tribute to Jack’s favorite filmmaker, Wes Anderson, and his movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. What a busy day!