Saturday, July 15th — Today was like most Saturdays at camp, but tonight was the live performance of the club skits, not to mention the start of parents weekend. The weather wasn’t kind to some activities; there was no wind for sailing and tennis was rained out, but Stage Crew was packed and full of energy preparing for skits. Before lunch, things grew a little off-kilter because campers with sisters and cousins attending Onaway left to go to the Onaway Fair. They skipped Soak in order to prepare for inspection and then left before lunch. Following rest was a dorm inspection in which Stanwood won first place. During the afternoon activity period, things got hectic. The parents had arrived and they were scrambling to find their children. Some were in Junior League Tennis matches while others competed in the Junior League baseball game between Simon Brown and Taylor West’s teams. Parents proceeded to leave around 5:30, so the clubs could have one last rehearsal for the performances that night. Following a dinner that consisted of pizza, it was time for the performance of the clubs skits. As parents arrived to spectate, the tension in the air tightened. As the night dragged on, the skits only got better. Every counsellor was the butt of a joke, and Matt Woolverton was the center of most of the skits. One of the most memorable skits was the Brown Bears’, and although they only got second place, their take on the movie Source Code was excellent. At the end of the night everyone was happy and looking forward to the next day.