Saturday, July 16th Saturday the 16th was an exciting and busy day for Camp Pasquaney. In the morning, the boys enjoyed a normal activity period highlighted by canoeing, sailing, shop, and stage crew to prepare for the evening’s skits. After the morning activities, boys with relatives at Onaway got to go over there for their annual fair. At the fair, Peter and Martin Millspaugh, Peyton McElroy, Quinn Dotson, and Mr. Vinnie all dressed up in girl’s clothes and were dunked with water. After those boys returned we had lunch and then inspection, where Stanwood and Wilson got first place. In the afternoon, families were allowed to visit and we showed them around the hillside. There also were activities including a Junior ball game and sailing. After the parents left, we had dinner and then club skits. All the skits were very funny and the Brown Bears and Woodchucks tied for first with the Hawks getting second. All in all, it was a fun and action-packed day.

John Rutledge (DSDJR); Paul Davies, COD