(To the tune of Reveille) Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh! Campers and counsellors arose from their bunks all excited for Visiting Weekend! We headed straight to a delicious breakfast and a duty period in preparation for the visitors. The morning activity period included nature project work for the club competition, as well as a Head of the Lake watermelon football specie for canoeing. We then headed down to Soak and back up for Inspection Prep, lunch, a brief rest, and Inspection. Finally, visiting weekend began, and many campers reunited with family and friends. There were also many open activities for campers to decide on. Following that, the last exciting round of club skit rehearsals took place as many anticipated the evening’s performance. The night began with many exciting skits such as “Twisted Togas” (Beavers), “Pasquaney vs Microdharma” (Chipmunks), “Nicky’s Dreams” (Woodchucks), and more! In the end only 3 placed, 3rd being the Brown Bears, 2nd the Beavers, and 1st *drumroll* … the Woodpeckers’ “Trip through Songbook-land!” We then all head to mines, prayers, and taps. GOODNIGHT PASQUANEY!