The morning began with an exciting War Canoe time trial, where each club raced against the clock for a spot in the Water Sports final. The fastest time of the day went to the Hawks, who will race against the Woodpeckers during Water Sports. The activity period ended, and the dorms got cleaned up for an inspection. Each dorm attempted to look their best for the parents. After inspection, a Junior League ball game commenced between the teams of Mark Kirby and Alex Horvat. At the end of an exciting activity period the camp then prepared for club skits. After dinner each club presented their skit and attempted to wow the judges. Many laughs were shared, and the judges decided that the Chipmunks would get third, the Woodchucks would get second, and the Brown Bears would snag first. After much rejoicing from the Brown Bears, campers waved goodbye to their parents and headed off to brush their teeth. Thus ended another day at good ol’ Camp Pasquaney.