Saturday, July 1st — Today was a humid and rainy day, with lots of fog. In nature, there was a fishing specie and an edible plant walk. The theater was very busy because every dorm had to build props for their skit later that night. Down on Hobbs, Matt and Peter held the very first Junior League ballgame between Taylor West’s team and Sam Randall’s team. Unfortunately, the game was cut short due to thunder and lightning. Canoeing was also open, as so many people at Pasquaney love to canoe! After lunch we had inspection, which was difficult but ensured that our bunks were tidy. In the afternoon many activities like tennis and baseball were canceled because of the rain, so there was soccer on the ball field instead as well as many indoor activities. Finally, for campfire we had dorm skits, and all of them were amazing and original, but Cardigan won the judges over in the end with their silent-movie depiction of the murder of Jack Reigeluth by his evil dog, Fenwick. Adams and Stanwood came in second and third respectively.