Saturday, July 22 — Today we woke up to a calm 62 degrees. After a delicious breakfast we had a jam-packed activity period. In nature, there was moose tracking! In tennis, we got deep into the very competitive Senior tournament with some single Senior matches. In canoeing, there was a specie to the Bristol Gorge where experienced canoeists could practice their whitewater skills. Townley practiced with the rowers in preparation for the upcoming regatta. In the afternoon, the main events were a Mountain League baseball game on Hobbes and sailboat racing. For campfire that night we had the Pasquaney Talent Show and Sixteen Year-Old Skit which were both very good. In the talent show, there were many different acts such as dances, songs, poems, and musical acts. One of my favorites was one with Henry Anderson, Olivier Bijoux, and Tiago Leite, in which they sang and played “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. Henry Ndayisaba performed an awesome dance, and “Townley and gang” sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The Sixteen Year-Old Skit wrapped up the night with a play based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was very funny and there were plenty of great jokes.