Saturday July 23 was a day filled with tons of excitement. The highlight of the morning was the nature specie to Welton falls. At Welton Falls there was an abundance of cliff jumping and an odd amount of inchworms. So many inchworms that it had campers calling it a breeding ground for inchworms. That afternoon, there was Mary Lamb. The most popular item of the day was Dr. Pepper, but to everyone’s heartbreak, they ran out quickly. Likewise, the sour patch kids were gone within the first half hour. That led to a feast of Charleston chews, skittles, kit Kats and Gatorades. The candy from the afternoon then created a lively atmosphere for the talent show. Some of the highlights were Henry Powell using the diablo, Mikey Holton and Bennet O’Reilly doing stand up, Joe Chiosi singing his own song and Dylan Holton on the base. The night ended with everyone in a jolly mood, as the Long Walkers were mentally preparing for the week ahead.