Saturday, July 29th—The day began partly cloudy and everyone was eager for the Long Walk to return. The morning activity period consisted of many open activities rather than scheduled, so campers had more options to choose from. We had lunch with visitors and alumni. Because it was Saturday, we had a short, twenty-minute Rest followed by Inspection with special guests Stewart Denious and Will Harvey. Despite the shorter activity period, there were water sports competitions, shop, and sailing. When the activity period ended, there was a short Soak and free time right after. Then, when the bugle blew, all of camp met at Mem Hall for the Long Walk ceremony and song. The song was written to the melodies of “Pinball Wizard” by The Who and “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel. We then had dinner, and the Council Play followed for campfire. It was called Dumbo 2: Apocalypse, but it had nothing to do with either Dumbo or apocalypses. Instead it was about how Rich DeSalvo and the Board of Trustees wanted to replace and deactivate all of camp’s robotic counsellors. It was hilarious and very wacky. After it ended, we had Mines, Prayers, and Taps to conclude our Saturday.