This morning we woke to a utopian 69ºF. There were two species: watermelon football and perch rock. There were also junior and sub junior obstacle races. Then in the afternoon we had a rainy-day activity period due to thunder and lightning. Activities in the Afternoon consisted of eye games in the museum, reading and writing in the library, and stage crew. The Long Walk ceremony was after the activity period, and we all gathered on Memorial Hall Porch to welcome the Long Walk back. The ceremony started with a quick cutoff followed by a song to the tune of “Some Nights” and “California Dreamin.” It ended with Archer Dansby returning the Long Walk flag to Mr. Michael. Finally, we had a resounding railroad for Pasquaney and the Long Walk. After Dinner we had the Council Play which was a spin-off of the movie The Usual Suspects, which followed by mines, prayers, and Taps.

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