Today when we woke up it was a little cold and windy. It was so windy that the Auxiliary Dock blew away and for boats duty we put our swimsuits on and pushed it back into place. As the day went on it got warmer, and it was time for our first pitch. Levi Tyler’s Kentucky Fried Flyers took on Taylor West’s Home-Run Fest. It was a good game but Levi Tyler’s team gave up some runs and lost 6-3. After that was a Senior League game featuring Will Davies Willy-D’s Buckled-Knees and Strike Threes versus Roderick Caperton’s Cricket, Crumpets, and Colonization Club. It was Roderick’s first time on the mound and he did pretty well! It finished 10-2 to Will Davies team for his second win of the season. He now has a 2-0 record. During that time the Senior Tennis Tournament kicked off. Later that day we had the dorm skit competition. All of the skits were very good but one skit had to be the rightful winner. This year’s dorm skit winner was Wilson and Jackson. It was a great end to a great day. [Editor’s note: In the first regular inspection of the year, Wilson and Dana tied for first place.]