Camp Pasquaney arose to a crisp Reveille by Robert Head. Chef Billy started us off with some crispy bacon and eggs which prepared the camp for the busy day ahead. After our duties, the campers went to their various activities. Most notably, there was a white water canoeing specie to the Bristol Gorge. We then landed on the delicious Italian cuisine delish of spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. Doug Camp announced the very first Mary Lamb of the summer which conjoined perfectly with a Senior League baseball game. Wyatt Winstead’s team had a convincing win with a score of 9-2 with a stunning home run from the team captain himself. After a chicken and rice evening feast, campers and counselors alike huddled into the Watson Theatre for dorm skits. All of the skits were of the highest quality, but first place went to Stanwood. A Jack Anderson classic, titled “There Will Be Fruit” consisted of personified fruit in a fruit bowl on Mem Hall Porch. It starred Bixby Hanrahan as Billy the chef and answered the question of “Why do we eat fruit at Mem Hall?” We followed that with mines, prayers, and a crisp Taps by Mr. Robert Head. All in all, it was a fantastic day.