Saturday, July 30th — The day started at a nice 60 degrees fahrenheit. In the morning there was pitching instruction on Hobbs Field, and there were many exciting tennis matches. The main event of the afternoon activity period was the Sub-Junior and Junior semi-final swim races. There was also a delicious blueberry specie with Townley to the head of the lake. We were all very excited as the Long Walk was due to return before dinner. The whole camp – minus the Long Walk – gathered on Mem Hall Porch to welcome them all back. The Long Walk marched up to Mem Hall, gave a superb ‘count off’ and sang their song, which was to the tunes of “Take it Easy” and “Hit the Road, Jack.” We were then reunited with the Long Walk and shared many stories of the week over dinner. After dinner was the Council Play. It was a great production and it was based on characters from the Pasquaney Songbook coming to life and fighting to save the traditional Pasquaney songs from being lost to Jafar’s pop music. All in all, it was a great day full of smiles and laughs.