We woke up to a freedom filled Fourth of July. Breakfast was a hearty meal of French toast and oatmeal. The first activity period consisted of the first Senior League game of the season between Dennis Kirby’s Super Smash Brothers and Will Davies’s Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries. Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries won 5-0 in the end. After having chicken fajitas for lunch and taking rest, there was another Senior League ball game between Charlie Pink’s Stop and Pink and Ben Winslow’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner came out on top, winning 5-0. For dinner we did not have chicken, but instead a delicious meal of beefy macaroni with a dessert of cookies. For campfire we had dorm skits, with many funny and creative skits. The winning dorm was Adams, putting on the skit Summer Camp, which was a parody of camp life. After taps the fireworks were going off across the lake for a good hour or two before finally coming to a halt and allowing the campers to sleep.