Camp Pasquaney was awoken at 7:30am on a nice sunny morning.  At breakfast, a thunderstorm was announced to be present later in the day.  We had a short activity morning followed by fruit at mem hall. Soak was nicer than most days the weather was very humid and the lake water was refreshing.  It was a fantastic day for water-related activities. Later, in the afternoon, the thunderstorm arrived and campers were called indoors. I played one-night werewolf with my friends in mem hall while others played table tennis, did body circuits or engaged in numerous other rainy day activities.  The storm, fortunately, only lasted a few hours. Following a post-expeditions steak dinner, we gathered around a massive bonfire and sang original songs about expeditions under a gorgeous post-storm sunset. Some were comedic parodies of well-known songs like Jafar Sharipov’s group.