Saturday, July 7th—On our first day back from expeditions, we woke up from a well-deserved 7:30 late Reveille, took showers, and took our sleeping bags down to Hobbs field so they could air out. We ate a delicious breakfast of French toast and sausage. After duties and a great activity period, each dorm prepared for Inspection. After a lunch of biscuits, gravy, and stew, we had Inspection itself, which was won by Cardigan. The highlight of the afternoon was the senior league ball game between Ballard Morton’s I Swing Therefore I Am and Levi Tyler’s Moisty Mires. Before dinner we had free time when we caught up with all of the campers on other expeditions. Then we ate steak donated by the Saini family with peas and potatoes on the side. For dessert, special cinnamon rolls were donated by Levi Tyler’s family for his birthday. After dinner, each expedition presented its songs and stories from the week. There was a great mix of new songs and old songs and even an excellent backflip from Buckley Huffstetler during the Norcross rap!