The day started with a prompt wake-up from the much-needed rest after expeditions. After we prayed and brushed our teeth, we went to Memorial Hall to eat a hearty breakfast. During the first activity period, there was a Nature Specie to the Sculptured Rocks, where people swam and jumped from a ledge. I went down to the waterfront where there were Junior Obstacle Races. Unfortunately, the weather was less than optimal and therefore the Senior Baseball Game between Rob Head’s “Left on Read” and Liam Bonnet-Eymard’s “No Talking During Rest” had to be delayed. We stayed in the dorms, under a roof, and waited for dinner, which was a delicious steak meal. The steak was cooked medium to medium-rare and was enjoyed by many. It was certainly an upgrade from the less delicious, yet filling, food on expeditions. During dinner it was thundering even worse, and during the evening duty period there was a huge boom of thunder right on beat with the chorus of “Sweet Caroline.” That was the highlight of my day. After the “Sweet Caroline” kitchen duty experience we stayed in our dorms for campfire. The storm did not stop us from sleeping well that night.

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